10 Gifs That Bakers Can Totally Relate To

If you really, truly love baking with your whole heart you can get pretty invested in what you do. Baking (especially if it's an adventurous, out-of-the-box experiment) can be a whole lot of fun... or a whole kitchen of disaster.

1. That "I saw this super complicated but super cute project on Pinterest and I'm ready to bake NOW" feeling.

2. Now you've got your plan and you're ready to start hunting down all those ingredients...

3. You're feeling confident, you're ready, heck - you could be the next British Baking Show star...

4. BUT WAIT *record scratch* that dreaded baking nightmare... you're missing a pretty essential ingredient.

5. Time to make that panicked dash to the grocery store.

6. Now you've got what you need... and the mad scramble to finish the recipe is ONNNN

7. The moment of truth. The oven. The agony of patiently waiting to see if it will RISE to the occasion (see what I did there)

8. You check, poke, prod and it's STILL not ready...

9. Finally! The make or break moment... failure

Or triumph!

10. Whichever way it turns out, it's the experience that matters. A baker is never done learning. Never give up!

I'm Chloe Sexton, a home baker from Memphis, TN who loves to make cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more. Contact me at or on insta @bluffcakes if you have baking, blogging or other questions. You can order BluffCakes right here on the website!

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