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Fall is one of my favorite seasons to bake - cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and lots and lots of butter can be found in so many exquisite baked goods. I'm always in favor of warm flavors and this season of baking brings to mind some of my favorite celebrations. Being able to share those flavors and age-old family recipes with BluffCake's customers is the highlight of my holiday season!

1. Fresh Baked Pies

Nothing says 'holiday season' than a warm, fresh pie. The secret to our pies that sell out by the dozens every year? The crust! A pie is only as good as its crust - buttery, flaky and strong enough to hold spiced apples, nuts and pumpkin.

For family gatherings I like to spend some special attention to a beautiful, designed crust. With just a pizza slicer or a leaf cookie cutter you can transform any simple pie into a work of art!

2. Fall Themed Cupcakes

Fall baking isn't just about Thanksgiving - there are all kinds of small parties (especially if you have young children with school functions) that require festive designs. Pumpkins, sunflowers, leaves and turkeys are just a few fall festive ideas to sprinkle throughout your designs.

3. Fall Cookie Decorating Kits

Each season we offer a different cookie decorating kit. These are a great way to reward kids for a great week (during virtual school for most) or keeping the little ones busy while the Turkey is still cooking. There are few things more appealing to children than finger painting cookies with buttercream - always a success!

4. Fall Macarons

A macaron is always the perfect addition to any table and adding fall flavors only makes them even more perfect! These delicate French cookies can be turned into any fun shape or color. I personally love making a pumpkin pie buttercream and topping off the look with slice of pie shaped macaron shells.

To make the holidays even sweeter, at BluffCakes we always choose the day before a holiday or one closest to offer our customers free delivery anywhere in the Memphis area. We truly love being able to take the stress out of your holidays and offer some delicious cheer - right to your doorstep.

To check out our most recent menu offerings and catch our surprise daily specials, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or sign up for alerts so you never miss out!

I'm Chloe Sexton, a home baker from Memphis, TN who loves to make cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more. Contact me at or on insta @bluffcakes if you have baking, blogging or other questions. You can order BluffCakes right here on the website!

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