Last-Minute Halloween Crowd Pleasers: Spooky Cake Pops

If you're like me and like to juggle twenty things at one time, you've probably realized mid-week at some point that you've committed to something you COMPLETELY FORGOT about. Work has been busy, your kid has twenty different Halloween parties and school activities to remember, and suddenly it's the day before your office Halloween party and you remember you signed up for the potluck.

Sound personal? It should. It happened to me this week.

Luckily, I have the advantage of stockpiling baking odds and ends that eventually become useful. My husband looks at me sideways when he sees me hoarding freezer drawers full of cake scraps BUT when I have to make one less trip to the store and I whip up something delicious, he sees the point.

So, while frantically googling "easy halloween treats" I realized I had every single thing I needed to make a spooky treat - no fighting through grocery store lines needed!

If you love baking and want to have this option for other "emergency" situations, there are a few different items I highly recommend keeping around:

- Almond *and* chocolate bark: This meltable candy can be used in so many ways and the almond kind can be turned into any color you need!

-Cake scraps: After leveling your cakes you can pop these scraps into a zip loc bag (I usually do two to be extra sure it keeps flavor) and use them later for cake pops, dimensional cake toppers, or cakesicles.

-Batter: A lot of people don't realize batter *is* freezable! Bag it, freeze it, and lay it on the counter a good three hours before needed. This can make a quick set of cupcakes for any event no big deal.

-Bamboo skewers: I have used skewers in so many ways SO many times. Use to support a small cake, create cake pop handles, or even help balance decorations on top of a dessert.

Here's my "creative" cake pop holder lol. The cardboard from a water bottle package stabbed with kebab skewers to make holes!

-Butter and Milk: This may seem obvious but you wouldn't believe how many times I've got it in my head to bake something randomly and the ONE THING I'm lacking is butter or milk. Now I just stockpile them.

Surprisingly, some of my best work has been done when there's a last-minute demand that forces me to get creative. I love a challenge and I love taking a risk and finding success even more!

You can find my step-by-step instructions on how to make these sweet hallows-eve treats below!

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