My Favorite Baking Tools

So you've decided to launch yourself into the world of baking. Now what? Before you start throwing ingredients around you need the right tools! Here's a look at the items I can't live without.

1. KitchenAid Mixer

This one tool is my Hail Mary of all kitchen tools. There are many tools you can substitute but this one is the must-have.

Nearly everything I make involves beating butter and mixing different things at all different speeds and with different tools. The KitchenAid is versatile and just pretty! My 'Lavender Cream' KitchenAid was a gift from my husband and became the focal point of my logo.

2. Piping Bags

Take it from me, if you want to decorate your baked goodies with frosting, DO NOT USE ZIPLOCS. Not only are they not cost-effective, but if you resort to the cheap ones you will

bust the seams. Believe me. Exploding bags of buttercream are not fun to clean up.

3. Rubber Spatulas

If I could insert clapping hand emojis to the following sentence, I would - You. Must. Have. These.

Scraping batter, mixing frosting colors, moving both from bowls to containers, etc. They are essential and you'll be so glad you have multiple around.

4. Plastic Gloves

This may seem like a nonessential suggestion, but if you're like me and really love to make colorful baked goods you will thank me!

Food coloring is a messy business, and the more colorful baking you do, the bigger the mess. Worst of all is staining your hands. I have made some beautiful cakes and the next day been sitting in an important meeting with a client and desperately trying to hide my dark green stained fingers. Sure, there are ways to get it off your skin (and that's a whole set of tips for another blog down the road) but why not prevent it in the first place!

5. Dish Towels

It goes without saying that baking is M E S S Y business. I personally use at least four or five each time I bake.

I also hate burning through paper towels so I use these instead! They're also great for cleaning up the kitchen after and shining your KitchenAid back to its former glory.

6. Decorating Tips

Now for the fun stuff! Decorating tips are so incredibly versatile and the one true tool you need to get started learning how to decorate with buttercream.

I probably have at least a hundred different Wilton brand decorating tips. There are other brands you can buy but I find that sticking with Wilton is the best choice when you're learning how to use them. When you have a specific tip number to reference you can watch dozens of instructional videos online and learn all the fun possibilities!

7. Cooling Racks

Something you may not know when you start baking is that setting your baked goods on a cooling rack can sometimes be a make or break decision.

The heat from your pans alone can continue to cook your cakes. Setting them on your hot stove won't help either. Using cooling racks is the best way to ensure your hard work isn't ruined.

9. Comfy Slippers

I know, you're probably rolling your eyes at me right now but I can't tell you how much baking I've done in slippers!

Some weekends I have back-to-back baking orders to get done. I can spend up to eight hours on a Saturday on my feet and having a comfy pair of slippers to do it in is really a saving grace. I'll leave the dressing up to professionals on Food Channel and take these any day.

Have some baking and decorating questions you want answered? Want to drop a blog suggestion? Feel free to email it all to me at OR just send me a message on @bluffcakes or @chloejoysexton. I'm always ready for suggestions!

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