The Best Orange Zest Gingerbread Cookies

Long gone are the days when I would pack a bag and head out-of-state for the holidays. Life catches up with you fast! One day you're accustomed to being a couch potato until the turkey is cooked, the next you're the hostess responsible for perfecting all the sides, baking the pies, and praying your husband doesn't burn the turkey because he just HAD to deep fry it.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hosting. It's my favorite part of our newfound family traditions that started before Tyler and I were even married. With a husband as the general manager for one of the best fine dining restaurants in Memphis and my obsession with baking ALL THE THINGS and mega-decorating for every season, we were a natural choice.

When it comes to holiday celebrations at other people's homes I like to bring something a little surprising - holidays with a twist! That's where my gingerbread cookies come in. The pairing of those brown sugar and molasses flavors with citrus is a HIT. Just ask the staff at 117 Prime.

After they're nice and cooled I like to give them a simple dip in melted almond bark and sprinkle with more orange zest. Quick, simple, and tasty contribution to any holiday party or cookie tin!

Also, in case your friends with egg allergies usually miss out on the fun, my recipe has none! By using apple sauce in place of eggs you get another fruity hint in the mix and everyone can enjoy.

Try my recipe below and let me know what you think!

I'm Chloe Sexton, a home baker from Memphis, TN who loves to make cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more. Contact me at or on insta @bluffcakes if you have baking, blogging or other questions. You can order BluffCakes right here on the website!

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