The Perfect Chewy Oatmeal Cookie

While I love all of my baking jobs that require detailed, intricate work, I'm honestly a drop cookie kind of girl at heart! My ABSOLUTE favorite cookie in the world is a good old fashioned oatmeal cookie. For years I thought no home recipe could top a freshly baked-from-a-bakery oatmeal cookie, but I'd never even tried!

Luckily, I have a husband who loves what I do and pushes me to explore more. While my experimental baking doesn't always pan out (sometimes not even edible) this recipe truly did! It captures those fall flavors you love like cinnamon and nutmeg and keeps all that chewy goodness without getting crunchy the next day!

I started with my essentials...

I always start with every ingredient I need on the counter FIRST. Nothing wastes more time than running from cabinet to cabinet searching for what you need every step of the way. As you can see I put blueberries in mine. Raisins are the go-to but don't be afraid to change it up!

One step that I'll mention in the recipe below is really, really crucial to your fluffy cookies! Creaming your butter, sugar, and eggs will set the tone for your cookie's density. I do this with my best gal, Martha (the KitchenAid - yes I named my KitchenAid).

I've found that experimental baking can always be more fun with a little liquid courage. This is when having a husband who works in fine dining and used to be a stellar bartender really comes in handy.

While I was whipping up these cookies, Tyler decided to throw together some incredible whiskey cocktails for us. This one is called the Honey Badger.

It truly deserves a blog post of its own. After this he made another with his own blackberry and strawberry simple syrup. Insert drooling face.

Back to baking

One of the best parts of this cookie - just throw em down on the pan! No rolling, chilling, cutting. Once they're baked, let them cool just long enough that they won't fall apart when you bite into them.

Behold, the perfect chewy oatmeal cookie!

Try out my recipe below!

I'm Chloe Sexton, a home baker from Memphis, TN who loves to make cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more. Contact me at or on insta @bluffcakes if you have baking, blogging or other questions. You can order BluffCakes right here on the website!

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